Distracted Ramblings

What I write about: 
Writing fantasy is my thing.  I've dabbled in horror and thriller but I'm drawn back to fantasy all too easily.  I prefer fantasy stories where I can worldbuild; my first attempt at a novel involved creating a world from the ground up but I'm falling nicely into contemporary fantasy as well.

My inspiration comes a lot from being willing to look at what could be hidden behind the facade of our world if we looked in a little deeper.  If we were willing to imagine magic and destruction imps and places where the classic battle against right and wrong had a twist.

Music and Writing:
These go hand in hand.  Sometimes I work better with music playing in the background, sometimes the distraction is too much.  No matter what, I draw on music to inspire; to get me thinking in a direction I need to be going in; to put me in that creative space.  I will try just about any genre of music.  My favorites to get me started:  Bands/Artists - Tool, NIN, Green Day.  Style - Industrial/Electronica

Various Works:

Wishful Thinking: Contemporary/Mythic fantasy.

Darkspell: YA fantasy.

Good Intentions: High fantasy.