Brrr.  I'd like my typical wet western Washington weather back now please.  I promise to not complain about nine inches of rainfall in one month again if you, weather maker, promise not to blanket us with temps in the teens again this year.  Deal?

I'd been procrastinating putting the outside summer things away. *Looks up from December calendar*  So far this winter, we've gotten off lucky with few howling winds so I really didn't think much about it.  Funny how that works when things are flying around your backyard threatening your rather large window panes.

My youngest daughter's water play table was one of the items not yet stored and it was full of water from prior rainy days.  Temps in the teens means frozen water in the table.  That motivated me to get out there and dump the thing.  I took off a sheet of ice about half an inch thick and threw it to the ground.  It broke into a handful of pieces in the grass and I thought nothing of it.

Four days later...those pieces of ice are still sitting on top of the grass where they broke.  They haven't changed in size at all and we've even been sunny.  It's cold.  Real cold.  So cold, my family back East calls me to taunt me with their balmy 40 degree weather. 

So, I'd like our balmy 40 degree weather back.  I might even feel a twinge of guilt when I'm looking up hotels in Coronado in February to get away from the rain. 

Things that distracted me on the internet:

~  Done with holiday shopping.  I keep finding fantastic deals that I ultimately resist but keep sucking my time away as I browse and agonize.  
~  Add ons for World of Warcraft needed updating today and I've been dissatisfied with my current unit frames.  (I know, it's like a different language if you aren't familiar).  Suffice to say, I got sucked into the vortex of updating mods.

Non-internet distractions:

~  Beat Dragon Age as an elf mage.  Got as happy an ending as possible with that character.  Now working on a human noble just to be Queen at the end.  After that, I'm so going good mage gone very very bad.  Very bad.


~ About 20% to go until I declare the first draft of Wishful Thinking finished.  I'm still on goal to finish in December.

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