The Dreaded Plot Hole

I nitpick.  There, it's out in the open.  If I see something that looks off to me, I worry at it until it's fixed.  Interviewers love to ask about weaknesses.  Mine happens to be high impossible standards.  The declaration one has high standards is immediately followed by the misuse of punctuation, typos, grammar issues, etc....  Fortunately, I also have reasonable expectations when it comes to my ability to meet my own standards. 

I blame it all on being an INTJ.

What I also blame on being an INTJ is when I'm revising my work and realize that I have a plot hole.  I almost never write myself into large ones because I am a compulsive planner and before I even write about a dark and stormy night, I have a rudimentary outline saved.  No, these are the tiny plot holes that might go unnoticed by others but drive me to want to delete the whole blasted story and start over. 

So, I worry at it for a couple of days and make sure I have copies saved in places I can't delete from.  When the crisis passes or lessens, I implement my plot hole fix and move along.  Good thing for reasonable standards.  And if you see a typo, I don't mind at all if you point it out. 

Things that distracted me on the internet:

~  Think Geek has an uber cool remote for kids too young to remember what channel Dora the Explorer comes on (via the number).  Press a logo button and voila!  Also keeps their grubby mitts off the remote and saves me from having to crawl on my hands and knees to look under the sofa.

~  Quite a number of agents are having an #agentsday on Twitter and I am enraptured with what goes on.  Mostly that the activities sound like those of any other type of business office.  Where's the glamour, the hand-wringing, the catty fighting?  My fave snarky agent is Lauren E. MacLeod @BostonBookGirl and I only write YA by accident. 

Non-internet distractions:

~  Teeth are still on the painful side since it's time to close some spaces.  It's all worth it in the end, blah, blah, blah.  Also, the toddler is being quite the demanding soul today, all snuggly and cute.  


~  Good Intentions: re-outlined and ready for character creation/adjustment.  Fantasy - High/Quest.
~  Darkspell:  Working on outline, building from short story.  YA Fantasy - Magic
~  Rel. Pro. 101:  Short story submitted, waiting on response.

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