Obligatory Goal Post

Hello 2010!

Back when I was a more youthful version of myself, my friends and I would sit around and talk about how we pictured our life in 2000.  We'd gasp at how old we'd be and race off to play again before we blinked and stared into our mid twenty selves.  Ten years later we are now mid thirty selves, way old when you are ten and still have someone telling you what time to go to bed. 

When I was ten, I didn't picture my life being the way it is today.  I think I was still in astronaut phase back then, not stay at home writer mom throwing words on a screen in between naps, lunch, and crashing objects.  That's okay though.  This fits now.

The obligatory new year's goal:  polish my shiny new novel and send it out into the world.

Will still be making room though for Cataclysm

Things that distracted me on the internet:

~  Twitter goofed up and my # aren't showing in the feeds.  A little difficult to have a conversation that way.  I can either wait for tech support to fix it or start a new account just to "chat".
~  Some fantastic blogs I've been reading lately.  Some are pure comedy from The Oatmeal and another is a really useful site for writers on Twitter at InkyGirl.com

Non-internet distractions:

~  My Keurig busted some time ago and it took me a while (and microwaving water for tea) to replace it.  UPS kindly dropped me off a nice, new one with blue lights and three cup sizes for my brewing pleasure.  I had to play with it for a little while.


~ In the middle of my 2nd revision on a short story needing to go out by end of month.  Started revisions on Wishful Thinking which amounts to the entire prologue being revised to include stuff I thought of at the climax.

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