And the underdog takes it...

 I'll admit, I was cheering on the Colts.  I like Peyton Manning, so boyish, out there doing his thing.  Blue clashing against gold, the heartland versus the big easy.  And, as far as football goes, the game was pretty exciting.  Good thing since the commercials weren't anywhere close this year.

The first half of the game went predictably, at least for me.  The Saints made some headway but it was the Colts' game.  I sat through a decent halftime show (I do like the Who, think the halftime show needs to be a little less "safe") and browsed a few writing blogs while watching from the corner of my eye.

A funny thing happened in my complacency.  The Saints started to win.  No, I didn't jinx the Colts through my tv, but I had counted them out.  Counted them as trying hard but not hard enough.  Oh well, maybe next year or something.  The onside kick first took me by surprise.  When Tracy Porter ran that ball for nearly 75 yards for that touchdown that put the Saints up into untouchable lead, I sat up and paid attention.  What I really wanted to know was what coach Payton said to those boys in that locker room.

So - how does this tie into writing?  Well, I could go all metaphor on you.  But I won't.  Some writers identify with the Colts; strong, sure, polish gets the job done.  Some of us identify with the Saints; the underdogs, flounder a little in front then get it together in the back end when it matters.  Because all of our hard work on our writing boils down to what we send out into the world.  How we get it done in the end.

Winning as an underdog is still a win.  Congratulations Saints and writers who are getting the job done. 

Things that distracted me on the internet:

~  Twitter.  Great group of talented writers hanging out at #amwritingparty and #amwriting 
~  The Amazon/MacMillan kerfluffle.  The only dog I have in this fight at the moment is my love for my Kindle.  Better minds than mine have already weighed in and I spent days sorting out the what from the what.  I think the buy buttons are back.

Non-internet distractions:

~  Super Bowl 44.  Next up Olympics 2010.


~  6 critiques done for writing group.  No writing/revising for me on Sun, but another 1500 words done on Wishful Thinking.

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