The Olympics are coming

I can't wait for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, BC to start tomorrow.  For one thing, live sporting events are occurring in my time zone.  I never realized how New York centric we are until moving from there to the west coast.  I will not complain (in this post  at least) about 10am Sunday football.

Back to the Olympics...  Another thing, these are the winter games and I vastly prefer the winter games to the summer ones.  Sorry track and field, your javelins may be fun, and your runners may be lightning fast, but come on!  No way you are beating out alpine skiing, speed skating (Woot Apolo!), and yes, even curling oh you strange sport you.  Need I even mention hockey?  (Why doesn't Washington have a professional hockey league?)

Now, I am psyched to be watching the Olympics, but a little disappointed that they are happening 3 hours from home and I won't be there in person.  I'll get over it in the next decade or so.  

This year, the two weeks surrounding the Olympics are also playing host to the Pen Olympics, an event happening by the fantastic advice givers Alicia and Theresa over at Edittorent.  Since I am distracted by the internet more often than not, I plan on giving the friendly competition my all.  These chapters don't edit themselves after all.


Things that distracted me on the internet:
~  Reading about the Kubler-Ross model.  Since this is technically research for a short story I'm working on, does this count as distraction or accomplishment?
~  Believe it or not, I have another possible accomplishment distraction (can I use those together like that?) - body language descriptions.  Sometimes a shrug can mean different things depending on what body part is doing it.  That's all I'm saying on that, here.

Non-internet distractions:
~  My darling two year old came downstairs with a sliver of paper wadded in her adorable hands, quite proud of herself.  So was I until I saw she had shredded a 1/4 of my working outline for my short story.  The outline I had handwritten and chose not to type because the story would be done in the time it took.  Or not.  Many thanks to scotch tape and my middle daughter for not decimating that roll hidden in the back of the drawer.

~  Come on, the distracted has to count today.  Okay, 500+ words on the short.  With last night that makes it half done.

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