Cool Chick and Procrastination

A lovely award arrived for me the other day, called a Cool Chick, thanks to Carolina Valdez Miller (go check out her talented self).  

I'm passing along the rules: Before you take him home, you have to tell me how you like your eggs cookedFeel free to hand over the award to other Cool Chicks if you wish, but please advise those recipients to keep his hutch clean and tidy at all times. Oh, and make sure he has plenty of grain and water. And love.... 

I only eat my eggs scrambled or in an omlette (which counts as scrambled).  I'll add cheese, mushroom, shredded zucchini, but that's about it.  
I will be passing along my Cool Chick in another post, when my unsuspecting victims delighted recipients will love him too :)

Only a few more days left of Pen Olympics and I'm feeling the crunch.  I may have been a tad overeager with my goals.  Not anticipating needed several new scenes in my editing has put me behind and I'm pushing to catch up.  No matter where I end up, I will have at least 3 chapters more revised/rewritten and I can only count them as a win.  I may have had a little more done had I not caved and commenced leveling a druid in WoW but that was whispered and no one heard.

Things that distracted me on the internet:
~  Still following the 2010 Olympics when I can catch them and at this point, I can only catch them online.  Going for highlights.
~  Today is TwitterTattoo day and I've been considering more ink for a while.  Motivated to find something close to an idea I've had which incorporates the triquetra; I discovered Celtic Trinity Knot Swirl as designed by Captain Bret in Rhode Island.  It's perfect (middle of page from the link) and I want.

Non-internet distractions:
~  The Kodak ink commercial interests me but for some reason the sound of the ink splatting on the paper is my nails on a chalkboard moment.  Included in that moment is the sound of chewing food with mouth partially open.  It's not you, it's totally me.

~  The toddler nap strike goes on but I am rising to the challenge and cranking out 2k + words a day.  I have no idea why but it's not like I'm putting a stopper on this bottle.  

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