Hot dogs that snap when you bite into them...

Now that I've gotten my sun fix for the day... .

In all seriousness, I bow to our weather overlords for giving us  in the greater Seattle area the second best winter I've experienced here.  The first time around, I hadn't realized how atypical a winter it was.  This is the first year since then I haven't needed to fly to LA and parts south for a break.

Just as the rain usually doesn't let up here, I've tried writing every day including the weekends, including when I didn't feel it, when the scenes had to be ripped screaming from my brain.  And each time I've forced myself, I wind up deleting or archiving what I've written.  If there is one thing I can't stand (besides from hot dogs that snap when you bite into them...), it's inefficiency.  Writing subpar is bad enough but writing subpar just to hit a number of words on a spreadsheet is a waste of time.  

So, I'm ready to try something revolutionary.  Something atypical.  At the end of the day, I'm going to go through what I've written and take words off the total for various insults to the English language.  Something like a net return on decent words.  I'll give myself a break if the sentence could be written a little better.  No, the words I'm talking about are most adverbs that I throw in lazily (:P  I'm talking about the word 'just', the word 'that', the filler words padding my word count.

I'll post next week how I did.  Now, excuse me while I play hooky and get my pasty self some more vitamin D from the primary source before mother nature tells me she didn't mean to give us an early spring.

Things that distracted me on the internet:
~  The teen needs a driving school to get her one step closer to her license.  I'm trying not to fall over how expensive it is to drive when you are <18 years old. 
~  The teen also needs a college and has given me a short list to peruse.  Somehow, I'm not experiencing sticker shock there.  I am experiencing information way overload. 

Non-internet distractions:
~  Pulled my level 66 druid out of languishment and have been fast leveling her.  My server went down unexpectedly and I played around on my Alliance priest (1st character).  So strange not to fly to Thrallmar :)

~  Passed the halfway point on rewrites/1st round of edits.  Have made peace with tossing more than 25k words from manuscript.  If it doesn't work, it doesn't work.  Oh well.  Also made it through a difficult scene emotionally and the family is only singed.  :D

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