What do you call spring cleaning if it isn't spring?

I am convinced writer's funk is worse than writer's block.

I can blame the sun for daring to shine for days before slipping behind the clouds again where it belongs this time of year.  I can blame having to rewrite several scenes (ok, the whole end of the book...) because the plot works better this way.  I can blame my house for being dirty.

What I ended up doing - moped for three days, scrubbed the master bathroom, rearranged middle daughter's room (and bought her a tv).

The whole time I complained I wasn't writing.

Before I left for a weekend break and some fun, I sat down and pumped out 1800 words of a scene that had been bugging me for a bit.  Of course I break the funk right before swearing to leave the laptop home.  Part of me feared I might not get back into it when I returned.  Irrational thinking that turned out to be - over 3500 words over the course of the day yesterday.

The funk has faded, I'm energized and ready to get this novel done.  I learned two important lessons over the last week though.  1. Writing can be a bitch.  2.  I don't feel right anymore without doing it.  I am clearly an insane typist (Thanks @alta03).

Things that distracted me on the internet:
~  More research on setting I needed for a scene between brothers.  Decided to bookmark it but wasn't worth adding too much description. 
~ I had fallen way behind in my blog reading and I wanted to peruse the expert websites.  There were too many good updates to list but my Distracting Writers and Agents blogs are starts. 

Non-internet distractions:
~  EA Games and Blizzard helped pass the rest of the time when I wasn't scrubbing my house.  And indoor waterparks are pretty awesome.  Running up and down five flights of stairs, not so much.

~  Will cross the 50k barrier today.  The rest of the book is a rewrite and I am determined to be 3/4 of the way done before April 1st.

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