Not so fast, romance...

The last several days, I've been writing until my fingertips cramp.  Partly to make up for the tiny funk from two weeks ago, and partly because I am almost finished with the 2nd pass/rewrite of Wishful Thinking.  It looks amazing to see that typed out.  Almost finished.

This means for a self-imposed three weeks off from the novel, my husband won't look over in concern at me every time I gasp, or glare furiously at my screen because the antagonist pulled a rather %^&$# move.  I think he wants to ignore most of them but doesn't want to get stuck if my expressions are reality related.

It also means I can take a break from the emotions of my characters.  Throwing rocks at them takes a toll on even the most wonderful days; when the words are hard to come by, every pebble becomes a boulder and I kick and scream more than my darling main characters.

In the meantime, the last five scenes are the hardest ones to write.  My protagonist is elevated, hopeful, like the couple in the picture above.  She has no idea what's coming.  But I do, and it isn't pretty.  It's sad, it's messy, and it's the way it has to be.  And it's almost over.  For now. 

Things that distracted me on the internet:
~  Trying to work through what the Health Care Act means for me.  Lots of text to slog through. 
~  Reserved my iPad and raring to pick it up on 4/3.  I am even going to brave the crowds of people to get it.  This is no small deal for me since any group larger than 5 people is a crowd to me. 
 Non-internet distractions:
~  Dragon Age: Awakenings conquered.  Hats off to the writing team on this franchise, the lore is well done.
~  Did I mention around 5 scenes to go?  Granted they are the longer ones because they are ramping up to climax but I'm in the last 2 or 3 chapters.  Woot!

Image above courtesy of Dynamite Imagery/Free Digital Photos


Critique_This_WIP said...

Congrats on almost finishing! It's so exciting to be so close to the end--but it can be really nerve wracking. Best of luck!

Kelly R. Morgan said...

Thanks! The nerve wracking is full on and is only appeased by chocolate :)

I may dedicate my novel to plain Hershey's milk chocolate bars and pinot noir.

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