I think I've figured out my groove. 8,068 words so far (aiming for 80k) and just flying through.

The not-so-secrets of my success are:

~ Allowing myself to write crap. First and foremost (see, this is the kind of sentence opener that wouldn't be allowed to stay in the final edit), do not go back and fix anything. The only time I will go back is if my sentence is really, truly gibberish. My brain still thinks faster than my hands can type and it's worse when I am playing beat the clock. Instead of OCDing about my manuscript though, I'm finding the permission to write crap is freeing. It's certainly working.

~ 15 min. word wars. 30 minutes, unless I am alone, is just too long for me to write in. On most days of my life I'm lucky to have 10 minutes without someone speaking to me, calling me, or messaging me so 15 minutes is as much as I can handle. Whatever. It's working. I'm averaging about 28 words per minute.

Things that distracted me on the internet today:

~ My mother in law arrives today for a muchly anticipated week long visit and I, of course, had to track her flight. If anyone's interested, Flight Aware.com has the best tracking that I've seen. All free.

~ Election Day. Had to check the status of returns. None posted. Was a pretty quick distraction.

Non-internet distractions:

~ See above mother in law visit meant I was sweeping and mopping the floors. Gets it done for hopefully most of the month too. My house looks fantastic. This is good because I'm hoping that it can withstand the near total neglect I plan to give it until 11/30.


~ 8,068 words so far. 10% done. Doing very well. Have about 300 more words for tonight to reach just over my quota for the day.

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