2009 NaNoWriMo is completed. Technically, I was done on the 19th but see non-internet distractions below.

I haven't read my 50k+ words yet. There are still many more to set down before I'm ready to look over the whole thing but I'm feeling pretty good about this one. It will need some work when the whole draft is finished. Surprisingly, I'm not dreading the next stage. I'm looking forward to it - that's when the novel might start to resemble something readable. That's going to be one fantastic day.

It's turkey day here today. Not going to get too much work done even though we are celebrating with our small, immediate family. Still making a whole turkey and all the tasty trimmings. The pie is done. If nothing else, we will have pie and that is what makes Thanksgiving.

Things that distracted me on the internet today:

~ Catching up with blogs. Never slows down.
~ Reading writer sites and agent sites. Following the publishing chaos as it unfolds and hopefully shakes out into something we can recognize.

Non-internet distractions:

~ Dragon Age: Origins was released on Xbox360 early November. I held out until I wrote at least 50K words. Then I took a week off. Recharged and ready to crank out the end.


~ 50,236 words for my novel. Last scenes outlined and ready to go. If I'm not stuffed later, I'll crank out another 2k today.

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