Almost...but not quite.

Right now, I am looking at a sky similar to the one in this picture.  The missing objects are the beautiful sunflowers at ground level.  Instead, I get blown over brand new patio furniture and gratitude at not purchasing mulch yesterday at the home improvement store.  Otherwise, my neighbor's yards would be looking fantastic and I'd be out some $200 easy.  Ah, fickle mother nature.  Spring here in the Pacific Northwest can take you on an interesting ride.  After five plus years though, I've proven I can be taught - no mulching and no patio umbrellas until after the 15th of May.

Another interesting tidbit about greenery out here in the Cascade foothills - yup, we've got plenty of it but if you want the edible kind, you have to be patient.  A handful of 65 degree days does not mean it's a good idea to get a jump start on the peppers (learned that last year).  I am tempting fate by putting in two tester cherry tomato plants (not even going to try the full size and pull the rest of my hair out).  Just two days ago, we were treated to a nice hailstorm which would've crushed my seedlings flat.  So I wait.  I like fresh beans far too much to risk them.

Speaking of waiting, still doing that with Wishful Thinking.  Letting a novel sit for a little while before diving back in to edit is just like waiting for the last little bit of foothills weather to clear on out before risking tender plants.  Too soon, you might have to start all over again and waste whatever time you might have gained.  Far too inefficient a plan for me, so as much as my impatience is beginning to take over, I'm holding out.

May Day is right around the corner.

 ~  Found a card game for the iPad which not only has my best scores, but registers daily best scores against other players as well as weekly and monthly.  The uber competitive soul in me has been trying to crack the top 50 all weekend.  Getting 2nd place right after server reset doesn't count.

~  Even though it's too early for beans, peppers, cucumbers; it's not too early for lettuce, broccoli, and dill so those went into the ground yesterday.  I am so glad I went with a raised bed garden.  For one, there is no way I can get anything as sensitive as vegetables to grow in the rock that is my yard.  For two, heat tends to get trapped earlier in a raised bed and I can fudge the sowing dates for some herbs.  I've had parsley growing since January :)


KM said...

It's super windy at my house, too, but I think that's just because it's about to rain. ;)

Kelly R. Morgan said...

I looked out of the window right before I started typing my response, and sure enough, rain is falling here too :) I only wish it would tame the winds. Bolt things down or watch them toss about are the only two options.

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