The alternate reality where I am not a wuss...

In my quest to not peek at my cooling novel (sitting there so nicely on my iPad I might add), I've been keeping myself relatively busy.

Busy, being in the eye of the beholder, means my Tauren Druid is level 74.5 (as of 11:00pm last night), all my various iGadgets are sync'ed with the mothership (just learned I can't library share my iTunes when the mothership is napping though...), and I stopped waiting for my husband to downgrade our cable.  Which leads to the wuss part.

I have the pleasure of being the negotiator in the house.  Call it a personality quirk, if you will.  Just about everything that needs to happen gets processed through my brain first.  No, this doesn't bother the husband - he likes not having to be responsible for all the nuances and I geek out hard core being said responsible person.  Usually.  

Which brings me to my call with the cable company.  The only time I've not had cable was a brief 2 or 3 year stint with a satellite company.  I liked the sat. co. but with our move out west and a swank deal on the cable + equipment, well, there it is.  We started with a decent package and I knew right away we had "too much" cable.  The only ones who watch TV here are the ones who shouldn't be - the kidlets.  Couple years later and for some reason we decided the problem with our package (for non-TV watchers) - not enough cable.  Yeah, I know.  

Today, I called to downgrade.  And I wussed out.  The intention was to get rid of all movie channels and drop to just above the basic so we retained several essential kidlet channels.  The problem is, the cable company would only honor the "new customer" price for one step down, not hitting the bottom down.  I guess HBO and Starz is worth $10/month, but I still feel mission unaccomplished.

I will be hearing about this when the husband gets home.  And he will file it away for future use.  This tarnish is unlikely to become a patina.

~  It's all a distraction, baby!  

~  I did manage to outline a short story I've been kicking at around.  Itching to get back to work.  

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