Tackling the reading backlog...

I've decided May Day is the perfect day to start editing Wishful Thinking and I'm excited to get there.  In the meantime, I've been working through my "pile" of books.  Couple hardcovers, handful through Kindle, a paperback or two.  Now, I realize I can't get through all of them before May.  I'm speedy, but not that speedy.  *shrug*  A dent is better than nothing.

Currently reading:  The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand - my inspiration for today's picture.  Howard Roark is a fascinating, intriguing character who is unlike most protagonists I've ever read and I'm hoping Keating gets stuffed.  The little sympathy I had for him is dwindling with every impulsive move he makes.  I'm not surprised at my liking this book; the author and the protagonist are both INTJs.  Different.    

What I've noticed from a writing perspective is, after writing third person limited, the omniscient point of view is strange to me.  It never used to be.  I also never used to read and study setting, narrative, or internal dialogue either.  Sometimes, reading as a writer is distracting and I have to work at it.  Frustrating because first and foremost, I read for pleasure.  Could be a sign I'm not as enmeshed in the book as I should be, could be I need to take off the writing hat when I'm not working on critiques or writing related work.  Whatever the cause, once I figure out a flow, I hope to be able to switch in and out at will.  A necessity because there are some great books coming out over the summer.  

~  Why yes, I'm looking forward to the teen getting her driver's license.  It's inevitable anyway and then I can send her out for the dinner ingredient I seem to always forget to order....  

~  New short story in progress: 836 words written about three teenage mages who think they know more than they do and their insistence gets them into trouble.  Sub out mages and this story is about every teenager who ever lived.  I only wish I had magic back then, think of how fun that could've been.

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