Gearing up for NaNoWriMo again this year. I had so much fun last year I couldn't imagine not going for another round. This meant that I needed to take a break from WIP novel to plot and outline a new novel. As if that's a hardship or something... I'm planning on going for more than 50k words if possible. I'd love to have the whole first draft done.

Things that distracted me on the internet today:

~ My iTouch arrived and I had to load all the fun apps that I didn't know existed. (I'm a Blackberry user still resisting the iPhone).
~ Facebook. I'm trying to reduce my checking to break times. If I need a drink, grab a 5 minute check. These farms don't take care of themselves, you know.

Non-internet distractions:

~ My husband is home sick. He isn't all that distracting just laying in the recliner sleeping but I did have to make him soup.


~ 2 scenes completely outlined and ready to go into WriteItNow.

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