Today I was glad to be writing the old fashioned way (pen and paper) because my APC kept clicking and the lights wavered several times. There is still quite a bit of wind out there banging on my shutters; still possible to lose power yet. Spent most of my time this afternoon contemplating motivation. In order to identify with the characters I read about, I need to believe that s/he might really be motivated by - fill in the blank - . I've already discarded some fun motives to the unbelievable factor. Was fun thinking them up though.

Things that distracted me on the internet today:

~ Looking for the text of the health care bill that made it through the Senate Finance Committee.
~ Facebook/Twitter
~ Looking for/downloading apps for my iPod Touch again. The aSleep app was a must get.

Non-internet distractions:

~ Husband still home sick. Not as bad today.
~ Moved my computer closer to the window to try and grab what passes for daylight heading into winter. This puts the howling of the wind right in my ear and it's even more distracting than a blank tab in a browser.


~ 3 scenes fully outlined and ready to go into WriteItNow.

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