Today, after finally uploading the rest of the scenes to my writing software, I went back to analyze the plot and subplots for a work in progress I've been on for a while. This wip started as a short story that really wasn't a short story and has fleshed its way to a bona fide YA novel. I've had the critical nagging voice, I've dubbed - well - Ned (for no particular reason), pestering me about some plot points in the middle of the novel. Since my re-analyzed NaNoWriMo novel passes muster for today, I gave my wip a look. I'm glad I did.

This time around I separated, in outline form, the main plot from the subplots in detail and showed no mercy to anything dangling outside the lines, or as a nice to have. I know plenty of writers don't like to do this until they have the scene written out all the way but I just can't bring myself to do it. It has to mostly work from the beginning. The result feels tighter to me. On a previous wip (shelved for now), I knew the plot wasn't working for me when I dreaded writing a couple scenes that bored me. A scene that bores me while writing is guaranteed to do the same to a reader and is worthless. Live and learn....and learn, and learn, and....

The best thing about all my analyzing and reanalyzing (I'm an INTJ, what can I say, the compulsion is irresistible), is that I am confident in two stories that are going somewhere. Less than three days to go until NaNo. I'm ready.

Things that distracted me on the internet today:

~ Pumpkin carving stencils. Time to carve the pumpkins tomorrow and I'm torn between Ariel, the mermaid Disney princess, or Thomas the Tank Engine. Hmmm... wonder if I can have Ariel riding in Thomas the Tank Engine....

~ Twitter. It's an compulsive's nightmare. I finally turned off the notifications because every other second I was looking up at the right corner of my screen waiting for the shiny to appear. Started following Hugh Grant (I hope that's him anyway) today because, duh, he's Hugh Grant and perfection in the male form.

Non-internet distractions:

~ Last soccer practice of the season; too cold and more importantly, too dark. With PDT turning back into PST, our night comes at 4:51pm. Fun times. Only 3 more games to go for 2009.


~ Plot analysis, scene upload, laptop software installed and kinda verified - looking at you Windows.

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