Today I'm writing a query letter for a novel that is still outlining. It makes more sense to do that now before I get 60,000 words in and realize my plot fell apart back around the 40k mark. While I don't consider anything written down a waste, I do like to make it count when I can. Being perpetually distracted doesn't help much. Yesterday was a completely non-productive writing day and I need to make up for it. Looking to go well beyond the 50k mark next month so that writing the end of the first draft doesn't become yet another unfinished project.

Things that distracted me on the internet today:

~ Clothes shopping. At least three sales notifications hit my inbox before 9am this morning
~ Leveling up Cafe World on Facebook. My neighbor passed my score and now I have to work double time to close the gap.

Non-internet distractions:

~ Yesterday I got the first hints of the cold that plagued my husband and kids. I'm not quite as bad as they were but it's still distracting.
~ Power failure. This should have made me more productive by shutting down the internet distractions. Alas, my Blackberry is unaffected by power failures and chugged right along.


~ I'm not even going to count the partial query letter. Moving along.

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